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Pune Foodies - Post of the Month - May 2020 by Awantika Sardana

Updated: May 13, 2020

Does anyone like this combination...!! Daal, chawal, aaloo ki bhujiya & dhaniya ki chutney... My all time favorite❤️

Very simple to make and healthy too.

This member post on the Pune Foodies Community on Facebook generated the highest number of Comments, responses and views in the Month of May 2020.

Congratulations Awantika for hitting it off with the Foodies in Pune. This goes on to show that its not exquisite cuisine which generates a sensation. Even our staple food, when presented well at the perfect time has the power to connect with the audiences.

Awantika is an Architect by profession, Mother of a child and Homemaker by soul. Her love for desi food keeps her wanting to experiment with it, She likes trying the fusions with desi food "DAAL RICE BHUJIYA with DHANIYA KI CHUTNEY" This food connects her with childhood, earthy culture and nanke ka swad...!!

Awantika has shared the recipe for her followers.

Daal recipe: Its arhar daal... Put haldi, Salt, hing, (I added lauki (Bottle Gaurd) and tomatoes also) its optional

Boil in pressure cooker.

Then tadka lagao

In desi ghee put jeera and garlic at last sprinkle Fresh dhaniya patta (Coriander leaves)on it... Its very simple and quick.

Aaloo bhujiya: So you need to cut aaloo, peel or without peel...

Wash is properly after cutting...

Add spices like dhaniya powder, haldi, laal mirch, jeera power, salt according to taste

Mix all together well in chopped aaloo...heat sarso ka oil in kadaai...

Sprinkle some jeera and hands full of garlic (optional)...

Now add aaloo in kadai...

Sauté it well on high flame..

Cooked property... Cooked until it become crispy

Now its ready to serve...

Chutney: It's very easy... Hands full of dhaniya (Coriander )leaves, 4 clove of garlic, green chilly and salt as per your taste... Grind all together, add fresh lemon juice

that's it... Now it is ready to serve

Please join us to congratulate Awantika for being featured on the Pune Foodies Blog for May 2020 !

Edited by Umang Chirimar

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