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They know how to give good food to customers, still why are Foodpreneurs failing to maintain a profitable restaurant and their ventures?



 I saw a post in a social forum, about how a Foodpreneur who did a total annual business of 2cr, ended up making a surplus of less than 40lacs, Whereas his commission to aggregators may have been above 40lacs. After paying the staff, rent and other expenses the actual income for him was reduced to almost half of  the surplus. 

The Middleman or technology provider is earning more than the actual businessman. Is that fair?

Not really! We have heard of how farmers have been exploited from time immemorial by the traders and middlemen. Is the same not happening with the restaurant industry?
Something is not right. Isn't it white collar ransoming?
We all are happily following the herd mentality. We ourselves are creating pitfalls for our industry.
If these service providers stick to their core service of technology & delivery and partner with the Foodpreneurs, To promote and advertise, and charge us fairly, it makes sense. Such overheads should be a fraction of our cost, not the main components of a Foodpreneurs cost.
Were people not eating out, when there was no aggregators?
The aggregators are doing us service by making lives comfortable and helping with the technology, but it is costing us a bomb. There is a need for a change. 
But Alas that's not the case ! Something is not right.

At Pune Foodies, we wanted to create a fair trade environment, where the original idea creator - The Foodpreneur, gets the maximum benefits. Keeping that in mind, we are starting this humble attempt to bring this change. We aim to bring the Foodpreneurs, closer to the Foodies, so when a customer interacts and orders, they not only transact, but start building a relationship, of trust, of bonding and a promise - For the Love of Food!

We hope, with this attempt - A consumer will be happier to procure their food products from someone whom they know personally or is recommended by a real person whom they know through social media. It is high time we come out of the pitfall of higher discounts. In fact with direct interaction, Businesses can offer better prices and quality, as the Middleman is removed.

Grow your business towards success.




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