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Restart Post Lockdown 4.0

The past 2.5 months have been overwhelming. We not only learnt some new words like Quarantine and Social Distancing, but a lot of us became first time chefs, painters, bloggers, youtubers and so on, the list is endless. But on the other side, these past few months have been extremely challenging for businesses. To manage rent, salaries, personal expenses without any source of income and without much support from agencies. I personally know several of our fellow foodpreneurs, who have either ended up shutting their ventures or are planning on doing so. No experience, no advise, no degree, prepares you for planning or handling crisis of this scale and magnitude. So if you had to exit, we understand the circumstances and our honest prayers are with those who could not sustain their ventures and had to shut shop. May the almighty give your strength to come back stronger.

As we are approaching the end of Lockdown 4.0, we still have an army of businesses and fighters who have not yet given up hope. And against all odds, would prepare to restart. We know, Corona is still there, and we have no vaccination or known cure. We only know that we have to work on building our immunity to fight against the invisible enemy and follow the precautionary recommendations. Current times are best example of VUCA environment where there is volatility in the , uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. What will set people apart depends on how people view the conditions under which they make decisions, plan forward, manage risks, foster change and solve problems.

However I take this opportunity to fold my hands and request all my Pune Foodies members to act with sensitivity and generosity. If you are dealing with a restaurant/cloud kitchen/ home baker while ordering your food, and you observe some mistakes, don't start recording and posting onto the social media as your first step. As a first step, please speak to the manager. Escalate up to the owner if required. We have to help each other. All issues can be sorted amicably. Please remember, this is new for everyone and business owners will be trying their best to make it safe for you as their first priority as they need you to get their businesses running again. Let's help each other as we learn to start living with the new normal.

Leaving you with a small mantra to all foodpreneurs !

Crawling is acceptable, it will help you move.

Falling is acceptable, it will teach you how to get up.

Crying is acceptable, it will release the emotions

Pain is acceptable, it will make you stronger

Bleeding is acceptable, it will remind you that you are already hurt and in pain. Just hang on a little longer and get the reward for it.

But Quitting is not acceptable. Best of Luck !

So what is the new normal? Share your comments on the expectations you have from the Foodpreneurs as they plan to reopen.


Umang Chirimar

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