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A place for learning. A place for discovery. A place for sharing knowledge. Being part of our Food Forum is a great way to explore this topic through genuine and open discussions. Get to know Pune Foodies by browsing the latest posts, and start contributing your own today.

Building A Facebook Group for Business Owners and Foodpreneurs
Pune Foodies has become a go-to spot for Foodpreneurs and consultants who are looking to grow their business or deepen their market reach and knowledge.
Our members represent every aspect of the Food industry, with thousands of Home Chefs, Restaurant owners, members of the best 5 star hotels in and around Pune, the farmers, raw materials suppliers, container makers, and other business leaders and marketers, all willing to share their expertise. 
Being active in one of the top Facebook groups for Foodies in Pune, is a great way to build your digital marketing skills and get insights for growing your business. Some recent posts from our members show just a small sample of the type of feedback you can get inside the group.


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